Al’s Allegorical Frog  
How and Why my Frog ended up in Al Gore’s Office.

All and all the photo taken by photographer Steve Pyke for Time Magazine shows Al Gore’s office as a scene of controlled chaos on the verge of complete chaos. I should know, as my studio and the work place of many creative people share this trait. However jumping out at the viewer on the wall above a plasma television is a easily distinguishing shape. It’s a frog! It’s my Frog!  
How did Al get the frog that is hanging in his Office?
Now this I know! 

It was a birthday gift from his wife Tipper. (She is a collector of art, craft, folk art and a photo artist herself.) However when I met Tipper I didn’t know any of this. All I new was that I had met two really nice women from Nashville. One I knew as Mary Elizabeth. She was buying a frog for her husband Al. ( I didn’t add it  up ) She told me that Al had a real love for frogs. I think she said that he had even written research papers about them in college. She said she would need a box to take it home in. I questioned that because my work is made of clay and I didn’t want it broken by a baggage handler. She told me a smaller box would be okay because she would be flying on a private plane. I have to tell you for the most part all of my  collectors of are really great people. Mary Elizabeth and her friend were no exception. And it’s not rare for someone to offer me food or something to drink when I’m delivering artwork to their place, which they did. However what is rare is for someone to go with me down to a delivery entrance parking lot at night hold a flash light as I dig through boxes and then help me put them on a cart and carry my artwork up to the condo. I think of all the aspects of meeting this woman, her actions gave me insight into what kind of person she really is ( I’m sure that helping me in that way contributed to the fact that I still had not yet figured out that she was the wife of the former Vice President.)  
On the way Home. 

On the cell phone on the way back to Sarasota, I told my wife Jodi how nice the two were and how they had each bought pieces of my work for their husband’s birthdays. I also told her that they must be strong Democrats because of political comments made about something on television news that Andy Rooney  had said. ( I would soon figure out how big ) 
OH MY GOSH!!!  Mary is Tipper!

 Now the weekend had been a good one for me. I had won “Best in Show” at the Naples Invitational Art Show and had a bunch of checks. It was very late when I got in but not to late to look through the checks to get an idea of how the weekend had gone. As I was going through the checks the name Albert Gore Jr. was at the top of one. I thought to myself. But Senator Albert Gore was dead...? Then it hit me... JR. is THE Al Gore and OH MY GOSH!!! Mary is Tipper! 
So now for Al’s  Allegory

We are like frogs.  If  you Drop a frog into a dish filled very hot water, and it will quickly jump out, incurring little damage to itself.  But, if you place the same frog in nice lukewarm water and then gradually heat the water to a boiling point, the frog will never jump.  Humanity’s response to global warming is like the nervous system of the frog. 
So I guess I’m kinda that frog... Even with having the hints and evidence given to me slowly over time, I still didn’t jump till I had Al’s check in my hand. 

Scott Causey